Hartmann Plantation Pet Policy & Guidelines

Revised March 31, 2016

  • Max 50 pounds weight limit at full growth, no height over 25” and no animals under 1 year old.
  • Breed restrictions
    • Akita, American Staffordshire terrier, bull terrier, Chow, Labs, Sheepdog, Great Dane, Golden Retrievers, Doberman, German Shepherd, Boxer, Dalmatians, Irish Setter, Greyhounds, Coon/Blood/Afghan Hounds, American Bulldog, Bullmastiff, Husky, pit bull, Presa Canario, Rottweiler and Wolf hybrid. Unknown mixed breeds not acceptable.
  • 2 pet maximum for all units – Deposit and non-refundable pet fees are per pet
  • Pets under 30 lbs.
    • $300 - Pet Deposit $100 refundable and $200 non-refundable pet fee - $10 monthly pet rent per pet.
  • Pets 31 to 50 lbs. or 25” inch height maximum
    • $400 - Pet Deposit $200 refundable and $200 non-refundable pet fee - $10 monthly pet rent per pet.
  • No visiting pets or pet care services at any time. – Pet Violations will result in an automatic $500 pet violation fine.
  • No large pets over 30 lbs. on 2nd level garden style floor plans (upper level 1 bedrooms)
  • A current pet weight and breed check is required by a vet for final approval of all pets.
  • We require a valid copy of rabies and shot records and is required to be kept up to date with management at all times. This is pet owner’s responsibility to provide.

Owner and management reserves the right to restrict or refuse any animal at any time regardless of size or breed.

Hartmann Plantation offers a Pet Park area so that your pet can have a fenced area to exercise and run without a leash. A pet waste station has also been added to help keep this area clean. Please clean up after your pets. Pets must be supervised at all times and can’t be left alone or unsupervised in this area at any time. Pets must be friendly to other pets and people when in this area….otherwise, the pet is not permitted to use with others in the area. We assume no responsibility for any pet while in this pet area or otherwise. Pets are to be on a leash with supervision at all times when on our premises and in accordance with local leash laws.